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CV Indoscent Multi Aroma
Spice Traders and Essential Oil Distillers
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CV Indoscent Multi Aroma

CV Indoscent Multi Aroma companies engaged in trading and distiller oil and spices. Such as Essential Oil, Clove Oil, Nutmeg Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Patchouli Oil, Citronella Oil, Vetiver Oil, Black Pepper, cinnamon bark, Cinnamon, White Pepper etc. We are committed to providing high quality products to our customers around the world. With our experience and expertise, we have a reputation as a leading supplier in the industry.

We hope to become a reliable partner and make a positive contribution in the oil and spice industry from Indonesia. For further services you can contact us via the contact menu.


Provide high quality products

Our Product

The products we offer not only give a special taste and aroma to the dishes, but also reflect the culture and natural uniqueness of Indonesia.

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Essential oil

Cajuput Oil

Malaleuca Leucadendron
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Cananga oil

Cananga odorata macrophylla
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Vetiver Oil

Vetiveria zizanioides
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Nutmeg Oil

Myristica fragrans
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Spices Product


A popular spice derived from the inner bark of a tree from the genus Cinnamomum
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Black pepper

Black pepper is produced from the still green fruit of the Piper nigrum plant.
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White Pepper

A plant that is rich in chemical content, such as pepper oil, fatty oil, as well as starch.
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Other Products

Our advantage

We are always at the forefront by leveraging rich sources and producing, maintaining and distributing all essential oils, and spices – locally and globally.

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Superior Quality

We prioritize the quality of the products offered optimally.

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Product Diversity

Provides various kinds of spices and essential oils.

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Professional Service

Committed to providing good customer service.

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Best Price

Strive to build a long term relationship by providing affordable prices.

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